About Us

We believe that everyone should have an equal shot at pursuing a career in law.

We created ZipLaw to:

  1. Make news understandable and enjoyable to read to help our readers develop their commercial awareness; and
  2. Explain how news impact Law Firms so that our readers can understand how law firms operate and stand out in law firm applications.

We do this via a combination of tools including our free newsletters, a weekly roundup newsletter of the top news of the week, and the ZipTracker database (containing our analysis hundreds of court cases and deals law firms advised on, and law firm news).

If you would like to learn more about the ZipTracker and other tools in the ZipLaw+ subscription, click here.

To date, we have helped hundreds of students and graduates secure training contracts and other legal jobs at their dream law firms. We are here to help. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch, and we hope that you will join us!

Created by Ludo Lugnani

Hello, my friend! 👋

I'm Ludo and I'm a Technology Solicitor at BDB Pitmans.

4 years ago, I used to be a law student, desperately trying to secure a TC. But after receiving almost 30+ rejections in my applications I started doubting whether this was the right career for me.

No matter what I did, I was told my Commercial Awareness wasn't up to scratch. ZipLaw+ is quite literally the answer to all the challenges I faced in applying to law firms and all the tools that helped me secure a TC and become a qualified solicitor at BDB Pitmans LLP.

ZipLaw+ was designed to be super easy to use and has helped hundreds of people secure TCs. I promise it will help you too.

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