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Roundup: The End of TikTok?

Roundup: The End of TikTok?

The week’s top news and how they impact Law Firms.

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by Ludo Lugnani

Today we run through the top news stories of the week and explain how they impact law firms.

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Here’s what we’re serving today:

  • 📱Is this the End of TikTok?
  • ⛏️ Anglo Rejects BHP Takeover: the start of a new M&A trend?
  • ❌ FTC bans non-competes, here's why that's a big deal

Week in Brief

  • ✈️ Boeing's Struggles: Boeing reported a $355 million loss and a cash burn of $3.9 billion. Although the results were not as dire as expected, the resignation of its CEO and ongoing aircraft issues signal deep-seated troubles.
  • 🌍 Europe's Business Surge: Business activity in Europe, particularly in services, saw a notable increase in April, the biggest since May 2023, as indicated by the purchasing-managers’ index.
  • 📱 Biden Targets TikTok: President Joe Biden has signed a bill that includes forcing TikTok’s Chinese owner ByteDance to sell the app within a year or face a ban, despite potential resistance from China and legal challenges.
  • 🏥 EU Probes Medical Market: The European Commission is investigating discrimination against European firms by China in the medical-device sector, alongside raiding Nuctech’s offices, which could worsen trade tensions.
  • 📈 Alphabet Rewards Investors: Google's parent company, Alphabet, introduced its first-ever dividend and announced a whopping $70 billion stock buyback after strong growth across its core business sectors.
  • 🏦 BoE Warns Banks on Private Equity: The Bank of England has urged banks to stress-test their dealings with private-equity firms, highlighting inadequate risk management in growing private markets.
  • 👜 FTC Moves Against Non-Competes: The Federal Trade Commission banned non-compete agreements, promoting higher wages and innovation, though the US Chamber of Commerce contests the decision, reflecting its impact on employment markets.
  • ⛏️ BHP Eyes Mega Mining Merger: BHP’s proposal to merge with Anglo American could reshape the mining landscape, particularly in copper, but faces potential antitrust challenges.
  • 🌐 Meta's Mixed Financials: Meta posted a 27% revenue increase to $36 billion and doubled profits to $12 billion, but its cautious revenue forecast and heavy AI investments left investors wanting more.

💸 TikTok's Tumultuous Turn

In Short: President Biden wants TikTok to break away from its Chinese parent company, ByteDance, due to national security concerns.

What’s going on?

President Joe Biden signed a law that could force TikTok to disconnect from its Chinese parent company, ByteDance.

As always we are here to answer your burning questions:

  • How would a ban work? If TikTok isn’t sold, the app would be banned from U.S. app stores and internet providers would block access to it. This is part of a broader $95 billion security package that also includes funding for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, with TikTok’s situation at the forefront due to national security concerns.
  • What would a ban mean for users? If implemented, users wouldn’t be able to download or update TikTok, gradually rendering the app obsolete. However, the potential ban also casts a spotlight on data privacy and the geopolitical tug-of-war between the U.S. and China.
  • Is TikTok really a national security risk? The U.S. government argues that TikTok’s data collection capabilities could allow Chinese interference in American civil liberties, though TikTok has taken steps to mitigate these concerns by isolating U.S. data.
  • What can TikTok do to stop a ban? The company's strategies include legal challenges and restructuring proposals to safeguard U.S. user data. The ongoing battle not only underscores the tensions between global tech governance and national security but also sets a critical precedent for the future of international tech operations in the U.S. As TikTok navigates these turbulent waters, the outcomes of this legal and political confrontation could redefine digital privacy and international business operations for the tech industry worldwide.

⚖️ How does this impact Law Firms?

Ludo Lugnani profile image
by Ludo Lugnani

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