Top Tech Trends of 2024

We run through 3 key trends and explain how each of them impacts Law Firms.

Ludo Lugnani
Ludo Lugnani

As we're half-way through the year, it's time to touch base on the top tech trends of 2024. So today we run through 3 key trends and explain how each of them impacts Law Firms.

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Let's get ready to Regulate

This has been the year tech regulation went into hyperdrive with both the EU and UK setting up some shiny new laws.

In Europe:

  • EU AI Act: The EU took a giant leap with its AI Act becoming the world’s first big playbook on AI regulation.
  • Digital Services Act (DSA): Enforcing content moderation requirements mainly focused on larger platforms.
  • Digital Markets Act (DMA): This act places restrictions on ‘gatekeepers’ of core platform services (think Google, Amazon, TikTok) to prevent anti-competitive practices.
  • Data Act (DA): Set to start in September 2025, this act will regulate data sharing from connected devices, enhance data portability in cloud services, and define emergency government data access.
EU Artificial Intelligence Act | Up-to-date developments and analyses of  the EU AI Act

In the UK:

  • The Online Safety Act introduces stringent requirements for online content management, with more detailed regulations on the way.
  • Plus there's a "sandbox" approach to AI i.e. watch and learn from other countries, see what works, and let AI businesses work.
  • Note: As a jurisdiction, England and Wales has been at the forefront of developments in relation to emerging tech and this is likely to continue with AI.

How does this impact Law Firms?

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