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Ludo Lugnani
Ludo Lugnani

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Today we're talking about:

  • 🚆 From India to Europe
  • 📺 Netflix pins down WWE
  • 🤝 Clifford Chance lead on Apax deal


  • 🇺🇸 Trump Triumphs: Donald Trump secured an impressive victory in the Republican primary in New Hampshire, defeating Nikki Haley. His win sets the stage for a potential Trump-Biden rematch in the upcoming election.
  • 🇨🇳 China's Reserve Cut: China's central bank announced a 0.5 percentage point reduction in the reserve requirement for lenders (i.e. they are reducing the amount of money that banks must keep in reserve). They hope this will encourage banks to lend more money to businesses and individuals to support the stock market amid economic challenges.
  • 🇩🇪 Germany's Contraction: Germany's services and manufacturing sectors saw a contraction in January, with the purchasing managers' index falling below 50.
  • 📺 Netflix's Record Profits: Netflix reported impressive profits in Q4, fuelled by the addition of 13 million subscribers. The streaming giant's operating income nearly tripled, thanks in part to its successful original content like "Squid Game: The Challenge."

From India to Europe

In Short: A major trade corridor plan, the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC), is facing significant setbacks due to escalating regional conflicts in the Middle East, affecting US and global trade strategies.

What’s going on?
Imagine a new silk road, but this time, it's not just about spices and silks. We're talking about the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC), a grand plan to link India to Europe through the Middle East. This corridor was designed to be a game-changer, intertwining sea, rail, and road freight networks. However, the recent violent conflicts in the Middle East have slammed the brakes on IMEC, leaving this ambitious project hanging by a thread.

Why does it matter?
The IMEC is a vital cog in the U.S.’s strategy to counterbalance China's growing global dominance, especially through its Belt and Road Initiative. It's like a geopolitical game of Risk, where losing ground in this region can significantly alter the power dynamics on the global stage.

Credit: Bloomberg

For the U.S. and its allies, IMEC could be a multi-purpose tool - aimed at not only speeding up trade but also fostering closer ties in the “Global South.” It's an opportunity to reshape economic alliances and potentially bring Israel and Saudi Arabia closer, changing the diplomatic landscape of the Middle East. Despite the challenges, participating countries still seem to be committed to the vision and it might be something Biden pushes on ahead of his re-election campaign.

The IMEC promises to revolutionize global trade patterns, offering a faster, more efficient route for goods between major economies. Its success or failure can impact everything from shipping costs to the security of trade routes. Plus, with the corridor running through a region fraught with conflict, the stakes for ensuring safe and stable trade lanes will be sky-high.

⚖️ How does this impact Law Firms?

International Trade and Sanctions:

  • Compliance with Trade Regulations: Lawyers in this department will guide clients through the complexities of new trade regulations and sanctions that may arise from the shifting geopolitical landscape. This includes advising multinational corporations, especially those in the transportation, logistics, and export sectors, on navigating the legal intricacies of the IMEC and its implications on global trade routes.
  • Dispute Resolution: With the IMEC facing challenges, there's potential for contractual disputes and trade disagreements. Lawyers will represent clients in international arbitrations and negotiations, addressing issues like breach of contract, tariff disputes, and logistical challenges. Key clients would include governments, international consortiums, and major corporations involved in the IMEC project.

Project Finance and Infrastructure:

  • Financing Agreements: Lawyers will be instrumental in structuring, negotiating, and drafting the financing agreements for the infrastructure projects under the IMEC. This includes advising on public-private partnerships, loan agreements, and compliance with international finance regulations. Clients will range from government entities to private investors and multinational banks.
  • Risk Management and Due Diligence: Providing advice on risk assessment and due diligence for new infrastructure projects within the IMEC framework. This would involve evaluating political, legal, and financial risks associated with investments in different regions, particularly considering the unstable geopolitical climate. Key clients would include construction companies, investors, and insurance firms.

Energy and Natural Resources:

  • Regulatory Compliance and Licensing: Lawyers will advise energy companies and natural resource firms on regulatory compliance related to new projects spurred by IMEC. This includes obtaining necessary licenses and ensuring adherence to environmental and energy regulations in multiple jurisdictions. Clients would primarily be oil, gas, and renewable energy companies looking to expand their operations along the new trade route.
  • Environmental Impact Assessments and Disputes: Providing guidance on environmental impact assessments for new projects and representing clients in disputes related to environmental damage or non-compliance with environmental laws. Clients in this case would include both corporations undertaking large-scale infrastructure projects and NGOs or local communities affected by these projects.

Netflix pins down WWE

In Short: Netflix scores a $5 billion deal to stream WWE's Raw, marking a major shift into live events and shaking up the streaming wars.

Zippy performing the infamous ZipSlam.

What’s going on?

Netflix is jumping into the ring with a whopping $5 billion deal to air World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) star-studded Raw show in the U.S. for the next decade. Starting in January 2025, Netflix is set to air three live shows a week, and they've also secured the rights to showcase all WWE programs globally, including SmackDown and WrestleMania.

But wait, there's more! WWE is waving goodbye to USA Network, where Raw reigns supreme as the top-rated program. This switcheroo isn't just a new match-up; it's a clear signal of the mounting pressure on traditional cable TV, as viewers increasingly favour streaming services.

Why does it matter?

This deal is a game-changer, not just for Netflix or WWE, but for the entire streaming and sports entertainment industry. Moving WWE's Raw from cable TV to a streaming platform reflects a significant change in content distribution and consumption in the sports entertainment industry. This transition acknowledges the growing preference for streaming over traditional cable, setting a trend that could see more sports and entertainment franchises partnering with streaming services and further diminishing traditional cable TV's dominance.

It also marks a pivotal shift for Netflix, transitioning from its traditional focus on series and movies to the dynamic world of live streaming, particularly with a high-profile brand like WWE. It's a bold move that positions Netflix as a serious contender against streaming giants like Amazon and Apple in the live sports arena, potentially reshaping viewer expectations and the overall streaming landscape.

⚖️ How does this impact Law Firms?

Media Rights and Broadcasting Law:

  • Negotiation and Drafting of Broadcasting Contracts: Lawyers will be pivotal in negotiating and drafting detailed broadcasting contracts between Netflix, WWE, and other stakeholders. This includes defining the scope of broadcasting rights, exclusivity clauses, and distribution terms. They will advise clients like streaming services, sports organisations, and content producers on securing optimal terms and adhering to regulatory requirements.
  • Intellectual Property and Licensing Issues: Legal experts will handle the intricacies of intellectual property rights related to WWE content. They will draft licensing agreements and advise on the use of trademarks, images, and catchphrases of wrestlers, ensuring compliance with IP laws. This is crucial for clients including merchandise manufacturers, advertising agencies, and digital platforms that use WWE-related content.

Technology and Digital Law:

  • Live Streaming Technology Compliance: With Netflix venturing into live streaming, lawyers will advise on compliance with technology standards and broadcasting regulations. They will assist in drafting policies and contracts that address potential technological issues and liabilities, crucial for clients like tech providers and streaming platforms.
  • Data Protection and Privacy: Given the global reach of the streaming content, lawyers will ensure that Netflix’s data handling practices comply with international data protection laws like GDPR. They will draft privacy policies and advise on user data management, essential for protecting the rights of subscribers and mitigating legal risks for streaming services.

Commercial and Contract Law:

  • Commercial Agreements and Joint Ventures: Lawyers will play a key role in structuring and negotiating commercial agreements related to the deal. This includes joint ventures or partnerships between Netflix, WWE, and other parties for content production or promotional activities. They will ensure that such agreements align with the business objectives and legal requirements of involved parties, including media companies, sponsors, and advertisers.
  • Dispute Resolution and Enforcement: In the event of disputes arising from the deal, legal experts will represent clients in negotiations, arbitrations, or litigations. They will handle issues like breach of contract, performance disputes, or revenue sharing conflicts, providing legal recourse for streaming services, broadcasters, and content producers.

Apax Partners Dilution

In Short: British private equity firm Apax Partners, through its subsidiary Antler EquityCo Sàrl, has reduced its holdings in Baltic Classifieds Group PLC by 5.1%, raising £51.5 million.

What is the deal? Antler EquityCo, controlled by funds advised by Apax Partners, executed two transactions to dilute its stake in Baltic Classifieds. This involved selling approximately 4.8% of its stake for £48.4 million to institutional investors and an off-market transaction where Baltic Classifieds repurchased shares worth £3.1 million from Antler. The deal leaves Antler holding about 31% of Baltic Classifieds' ordinary shares. This movement of shares comes after Apax's successful fundraising of nearly $900 million and Baltic Classifieds' solid presence in the online advertising market in the Baltic States, with a listing on the FTSE 250 index.

Key Legal Points to discuss in applications & interviews:

  1. Share Dilution and Market Impact: The dilution of Apax's stake in Baltic Classifieds, particularly through a mix of open market and off-market transactions, is a strategic move affecting shareholder composition and market perception. It’s important to analyse the legal intricacies of such transactions and their potential impact on the company's market valuation.
  2. Off-Market Transactions and Shareholder Approval: The fact that part of the share repurchase was done off-market, following approval at the annual general meeting, underscores the importance of shareholder agreements and corporate governance in these transactions.
  3. Investment and Exit Strategies of Private Equity Firms: The role of Apax Partners, a veteran in the private equity space, in reducing its stake in a profitable entity like Baltic Classifieds highlights the dynamics of investment and exit strategies in private equity. This includes legal considerations related to timing, valuation, and the manner of exit.

Who is advising on this?

  • Baltic Classifieds: Clifford Chance.


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