What Labour's Win means for Employment Law

Plus how it could impact law firms.

Ludo Lugnani
Ludo Lugnani

Hi ZipLawyer! Welcome to our second deep dive on how Labour's Election win will impact law firms and their clients.

Today, we focus on the Employment sector and we discuss Labour's key plans and how they impact law firms so you boost your Commercial Awareness and ace your law firm applications and interviews.

Stronger Worker Protections

Labour want to end zero-hours contracts and ensure workers have contracts reflecting their usual hours. They want to give day-one rights to parental and sick leave and make it easier to challenge unfair dismissal. Labour also aims to simplify job categories, focusing on just workers and the self-employed. Redundancy rights may be improved to protect whistleblowers better, and support self-employed workers with written contracts and measures against late payments. The practice of "fire and rehire" will be reformed to protect workers from abuse.

Fair Pay and Equality

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