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Written by a solicitor and a banker, we explain how news stories impact law firms so you can stand out in your applications and interviews.

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✅ We summarise the top news stories of the day in a quick digestible format.

✅ We pick out one key story that caught our eye and explain how it impacts law firms and their clients.

✅ We tell you how to discuss the story to stand out in law firm applications.

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Who We Are

Ludo Lugnani is a commercial and technology solicitor at BDB Pitmans LLP and founder of ziplaw. He is from Milan and unsurprisingly loves pasta and pizza.

Olivia Thomson is a senior associate at JP Morgan specialised in security services with in-depth finance and economics expertise. She is also a fantastic baker.

Reggie is our miniature dachshund. He is very cute but also incredibly astute in understanding how news stories impact law firms.

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