Sea Talk

Ludo Lugnani
Ludo Lugnani

Here's all the news you need to know for today.

🌏 Maritime Talks: Amid ongoing disputes in the South China Sea, China and the Philippines reported "substantial progress" in recent talks. In recent months China’s coast guard has repeatedly used water cannons to harass Filipino vessels seeking to deliver supplies to a military outpost. Significant differences persist, with the Philippines committed to defending its maritime rights.

🍏 Take a seat: Apple is set to join OpenAI's board in an observer capacity, bolstering their collaboration announced last month. This partnership will integrate ChatGPT into Apple devices, following Microsoft's earlier move to secure a similar board position with OpenAI.

🔋 Indonesia's EV Milestone: Southeast Asia's inaugural electric vehicle battery factory has opened in Indonesia, marking a significant step in the global EV supply chain. This venture between Hyundai and LG Energy Solution capitalises on Indonesia's vast nickel reserves.

🇫🇷 Chess Game: Marine Le Pen is seeking cross-party support to govern if the National Rally doesn't secure a majority in France's upcoming parliamentary election. As left-wing and centrist parties unite against the far-right, over 210 candidates have withdrawn to strengthen their chances.

💊 Approval Time: The FDA has greenlit Eli Lilly's Alzheimer’s treatment, donanemab, which aims to slow the disease by targeting brain plaque proteins. This marks only the third approval of its kind since 2021, amid ongoing debates over its side effects and efficacy.